Our Governing Body

Structure of the Local Governing Committee, sub-committees, roles and responsibilities

The school will have its own Local Governing Committee which will be developed in the year prior to the school’s opening, with the Chair and Vice-Chair shadowing experienced governors in our other Trust schools and the Members of The Cranmer Education Trust’s Standards Committee, who scrutinise school performance in detail.

Each school in The Cranmer Education Trust has a Local Governing Committee of 9. Meetings are minuted by an officer trained by the Trust’s Clerk.  The Trust’s Terms of Reference set out the composition of the Local Committee, i.e.

  • 5 members appointed by the Trust Board
  • 2 parent governors
  • 1 staff governor
  • The Headteacher

The Cranmer Education Trust’s Scheme of Delegation includes the rights and responsibilities of the Trust Board to step down a Local Governing Committee if the school is causing concern/goes into category and to establish an Interim Board which is smaller than 9 and with no representation from parents or staff. The expectation is that such an Interim Board will operate for between 12-18 months whilst improvement is secured.

The Cranmer Education Trust Overview Structure

Each Local Governing Committee meets four times a year as part of a planned programme of meetings (an Interim Board would meet 7 times per year). The Scheme of Delegation sets out the responsibilities of the Local Governing Committees, which focus on the quality of provision for the young people.  Governors are expected to know their school and to take responsibility for a key improvement area or a key group (e.g. SEND, student Premium students) and visit once per term so that they can report back at a strategic level, and the Local Governing Committee can be assured that it  can ask informed questions and effectively support school leadership in the continuous improvement of the school.

The Local Governing Committee is also informed by the independent School Improvement Partner’s termly report on progress on school priorities and receives a data dashboard prepared by the Trust twice a year sharing progress against targets and outcomes.

Local governors also provide the statutory panels in case of a student exclusion or may be asked to be members of a complaints panel.  They check an anonymous sample of performance management records to quality assure consistency and robustness. This underpins the recommendation of performance related pay awards. A designated governor quality assures safeguarding in line with Trust policy, including the annual audit, the Single Central Register and pattern and nature of referrals, to inform school and/or Trust policy.  A designed governor checks progress on Health and Safety issues as identified by the Trust’s provider and on a rolling programme. Local governors receive the budget, mid-year report and the outturn and performance to question whether the budget reflects school priorities.

Financial Governance sits with the Trust Board and is scrutinised in detail by the Audit, Risk and Finance Committee. The Chair, Vice Chair and Chair of Audit Risk and Finance also receive monthly financial management reports.

The Trust Board is the employer for all staff in the Trust and determines all HR policy in line with employment law, following consultation with recognised unions through the JCNC.

The Trust Board’s Standards Committee scrutinises and monitors school and trust performance using data, SIP reports, qualitative reports and deep dives, which call on local governance reports to establish that local governors are active and conscientious in their role.

To find out more about the governance of The Cranmer Education Trust please visit the Trust website by clicking here

Local Governing Committee for The Brian Clarke Church of England Academy

The 5 appointed members will be recruited in the year prior to the school’s opening, through established channels including Governors for Schools, Manchester University and local connections to achieve a diverse range of individuals who will bring skills and commitment to governance and who are committed to the vision for the school.

Our intention is to induct new governors in that first year by shadowing our best and most effective governing bodies and in particular, to buddy the new Chair and Vice Chair with an experienced Trust Chair for the pre-opening and opening years.  A Parent Governor will be appointed in the second term after opening and a second parent governor in the second year.  Parent governors will also be inducted by shadowing an established parent governor in another Trust school.

Training for governors will be provided as follows:

  • Induction to governance on appointment, including full access to all NGA and GovernorHub materials and updates.
  • Bespoke training for appointed governors on:
  • the strategic plan for the growing school and KPIs;
  • safeguarding, ethos and the whole child;
  • introduction to school accountability; Ofsted and data;
  • delegated responsibilities, strategic allocation of governors and training for these, with a link to a governor in another school who has the same responsibility.

If you are interested in becoming a member of our local governing body please do contact us using this form .

The Brian Clarke Church of England Academy is proud to be part of the Cranmer Education Trust

Cranmer Education Trust is a company limited by guarantee and an exempt charity. Company registration number: 07687709. Registered Office: Cranmer Education Trust, c/o Blue Coat School, Egerton Street, Oldham OL1 3SQ