Support for Learning

Achievement for ALL

A culture of ‘achievement for all’ is embedded across our new school. Expectations will be the same for all, and all routes will lead to recognised qualifications.  

Universal Provision

We have an ambitious, broad and balanced curriculum which focuses on powerful knowledge, underpinned by pedagogies that enable students to know more and remember more. This is partnered with a rigorous approach to reading and literacy, a relentless focus on building character and resilience, having Teachers with excellent subject knowledge; skilled at adapting their teaching, modelling and scaffolding. This universal offer removes potential barriers for all students and supports those who are most able to excel. 

Selected Provision

Using transition data and information on entry and progression through school, there will be selected interventions for those students who might require additional support outside of the mainstream classroom. This approach includes EAL students and In Year Fair Access (IYFA) students. The intervention selected will depend on the additional need of the student and could be short or long term. Examples include:

  • Early reading interventions
  • Key worker
  • Nurture group
  • Speech and language programme
  • Lego therapy
  • Study skills
  • Social communication intervention
  • Guided learning
  • Overlearning
  • Bespoke curriculum and immersion (EAL)
  • Access Arrangements

For the most able, selected interventions will include:

  • A planned careers curriculum focusing on aspiration and opportunities for those identified as most able
  • Children’s university
  • Brilliant Club
  • Selected enrichment activities to raise aspiration and develop experiences and leadership skills e.g. UK Maths Challenges

Targeted Interventions

Targeted interventions are reserved for those with the highest needs (for example those with an EHCP). External reports are utilised to personalise advised interventions and support. Examples include:  

  • Personalised intervention including mentoring
  • Intense phonics/early reading intervention
  • Personalised learning slots
  • Reduced curriculum pathways
  • Life skills curriculum (for example horticulture, mobility)
  • Decompression time

Delivering and evaluating selected and targeted interventions

All interventions whether targeted or selected will be mapped against need. The structure of the school day facilitates the vast majority of interventions and students will only be withdrawn from curriculum time if absolutely necessary or appropriate (for example a new arrival to the country who speaks no English may require an intensive English Curriculum and selected immersion into appropriate lessons).    

We will evaluate the effectiveness of selected and targeted interventions. These will support students, staff and parents/carers to understand and assess the progress that students are making. Baseline assessments and relevant qualitative comments will start the chronology, and these will be updated as the student progresses through the intervention(s). 

Staffing and systems to support achievement for all

All of our staff are trained in effective pedagogies and approaches to support achievement for all. There are clear systems which communicate need and the strategies that teachers and support staff must deploy with identified students.  

Supported by the SENDCo, our Teaching Assistants are educated in evidence informed approaches to both selecting and evaluating interventions. At full capacity there will be at least one TA who has the Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) qualification. The Designated Teacher for Looked After Children will be present at every formal meeting for the LAC students that attend the school. They will also step in as the parent when appropriate (for example at parents’ evenings, options evenings, information and transition evenings) to ensure the LAC student’s journey through school is supported. 

Advice, Support & Guidance 

SENDIASS is a free, impartial and confidential service which is independent of the local authority. This support is available to parents, carers or young people who are considering requesting an assessment of need and/or throughout the process of applying for a new Education, Health and Care plan. 

Autism Services Directory is a comprehensive directory of services and support for people with an autism spectrum disorder, their families, and people who work with them. 

Please refer to the POINT website below if you require any independent advice, support, information or guidance for parents:

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