Bishop welcomes new school for Oldham

The Bishop of Middleton Mark Davies has welcomed the proposed opening of a new Church of England secondary school for Oldham – The Brian Clarke Church of England Academy. 

Bishop Mark stated;

“As Bishop of Middleton, our Diocesan Education Service, the Local Authority, the Oldham Interfaith Network and the Churches Together and Evangelical Alliance, ALL fully support the founding of this unique school.

As expressed in its Vision and Mission, the school is Ambitious for all its young people, to become everything they can be and are meant to be – to be able to live life in all its fullness as is told in John 1010.

And building Community is central to its vision. It will be a Church of England school that brings together young people of all faiths and none in a multi-cultural, multi-faith and multi-talented school community that is grounded in the school’s central, welcoming Christian ethos. And it respects and learns from one another, faithful to the generosity of spirit set out by Archbishop Cranmer in the Communion Office of the 1549 Prayer Book:

“In all things to follow and keep the rule of charity, and every man to be satisfied with his own conscience not judging other men’s minds and consciences; whereas he hath no warrant of God’s word to the same”.


The Brian Clarke Church of England Academy is proud to be part of the Cranmer Education Trust

Cranmer Education Trust is a company limited by guarantee and an exempt charity. Company registration number: 07687709. Registered Office: Cranmer Education Trust, c/o Blue Coat School, Egerton Street, Oldham OL1 3SQ